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Friday, November 25, 2011

Battered Red Snapper

I am sharing with you all a recipe of Battered Red Snapper which is my mother's specialty. This is a very simple recipe and makes excellent snack with in no time. The best thing about this recipe is that fish can be frozen after seasoning and only requires 10 minutes to prepare after defrosting. It can be served as a snack with potato chips or at dinner with a side of veges. 

Fillet o' Fish Sandwich

A succulent fish sandwich. White fish coated in a light batter and fried to perfection served with homemade tartar sauce on a toasted bun. Any firm and dense white fish of your choice, coated with a simple batter of garlic flour, breadcrumbs and egg and fried until golden.

The tartar sauce is simple homemade mixture of mayonnaise, cucumber, onion and jalapeno peppers.

Pizza Supreme

Craving for a pizza any one?
This deep-dish pizza stuffed with gobs of cheese, sausage, and chicken tikka chunks was an immediate hit with my family (including my two very picky siblings!). The secret of taste however lies in the pizza sauce and after many attempts, I have finally found the recipe of a perfect pizza sauce!

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