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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cinnabon Cupcakes

The newest place to jump on the cupcake bandwagon in Pakistan is Cinnabon. Like many people, I have been a big fan of their cinnamon buns ever since their launch in Pakistan and as if that was not enough, Cinnabon launched 3 flavors of its cupcakes to tease our sweet tooth some more!

The launch took place on Sunday 14th October at the Dolmen Mall Clifton. It was a fun filled activity where VJ Anoushey hosted cup cake eating competition and distributed Cinnabon gift vouchers to lucky winners.

Food Connection PK invited me and few other bloggers to taste test the newly launched cupcakes which  come in three exciting flavors: Chocolate Passion, Vanilla Bliss and Red Velvet.

Chocolate Passion was my favorite out of the three. It's a moist chocolate cake topped with rich chocolate butter cream frosting and is an absolute winner.  Price Rs. 135 each.

Vanilla Bliss came second which was moist, buttery cake with luscious Vanilla Butter Cream frosting and had a very dominant Vanilla flavor which is an absolute plus! Price Rs. 135 each.

Last was Red Velvet cake. Nothing much has to be said about it since it failed miserably to win my taste buds over. Cinnabon still needs to work hard to perfect their Red Velvet.. Price Rs. 135 each.

Cinnabon realizes that cupcakes are not fad anymore and their tag line makes a very strong promise stating "Anything else is just a CupFake" but is this promise fulfilled? Only time will tell..


  1. I had no idea cinnabon makes cupcakes! They looks velvet has never been a favorite of mine. I'll have to check out our local cinnabon and see if they carry cupcakes..thx for sharing!

  2. Me too, I did not know that Cinnabon makes cupcakes! And that's you! You are so beautiful! :)


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