Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chicken Malai Boti - Creamy Grilled Chicken in Pakistani Manner

Though this recipe requires heavy cream but it I am sure these lovely pieces of grilled chicken are not at all high in calories.. Or at least I like to think that :D
For all TRC readers who do not belong to Pakistan, let me introduce you to this amazingly flavorful variation of grilled chicken that my family and I have enjoyed for years. Whenever we dine out in a BBQ restaurant, the first thing we order is always this Malai Boti. Malai, which means cream and Boti which means meat, is a very common delicacy here in Pakistan. Usually served with Naan, Raita (flavored yogurt) and salad, this dish is an absolute crowd pleaser.  Usually bar-b-qued,  these soft chicken pieces have a silky texture and a pleasant charcoal aroma.

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