Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Product Review: Daily Chicken - Traditional Chicken Tikka

Daily Chicken is a chain of live chicken retail outlets, recently opened in Karachi, Pakistan. The outlets are setup with the concept to provide high quality chicken products to consumers who are health and quality conscious. Working on modern lines of poultry retail, a relatively new concept in Pakistan, Daily Chicken provides high quality fresh and cleaned dressed chicken and chicken products derived from healthy birds. And the best part is that that best chicken in town is just a call away! 

Chicken meat being processed by well trained workers in one of Daily Chicken's outlets

Daily Chicken also offers "Chef's Hotpot", their line of marinated products which are simply to make the life of a housewife easier. Including local favorites such as Bombay Biryani, Chicken Achari and Chicken Karahi, there is a vast variety to choose from for your dinner tables. Prepared in less than 30 minutes, you can easily avoid the hassle of preparing spices and worrying about the outcome. 

I personally love BBQs so I chose their Traditional Chicken Tikka for the review and trust me it is the easiest, and healthiest way to prepare Tikka at home without spending hours in the kitchen to wash, prepare and marinate the chicken. 

Just unpack the chicken, put the pieces on skewers and take them straight to the grill! Simple isn't it? ;)

If you do not have a charcoal or gas grill at home, you can either cook them on a grilling pan or simply put the marinated chicken in a pan with some oil over medium flame and cook until the meat gets tender. 

For a smoky flavor place a burning coal on a piece of aluminium foil and keep it in the pan with cooked chicken. Drop 2 drops of oil and cover immediately as the coal starts to smoke. Make sure the smoke does not escape the pan. Keep it covered for 5 minutes or until there is no more smoke in the pan.

I prefer to grill my chicken on charcoal as it gives a nice color, a lovely charred effect and tastes way better then steamed or cooked chicken. Chicken Tikka tastes best when served immediately as soon as it comes off the grill!

More recipes involving Daily Chicken's marinated products are in line. Find the nearest Daily Chicken outlet and grab your favorite chicken products soon. For now, stay tuned to TRC while I enjoy my Tikka!


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